About Us

With technology, experience, and professionalism rarely found in the market, AllertonFox Construction is the perfect partner.

Our Team is provided with ongoing education and training to keep us current and knowledgeable in our industry.

These programs allow us to standardize our processes and procedures, eliminating variability, and minimizing potential for errors. Depending on your needs, we can build your project open shop, prevailing wage, union, with PLA agreements, or any combination.  AllertonFox provides the attention to detail and level of service you deserve without labor restrictions.


We provide “added” services such as “one on one” meetings with the Principals and the ‘A’ Team in addition to the Industry’s Standard Services. These “added” services include proven supplemental general conditions, subcontract agreements that ensure better project controls, schedule completion, and detailed protection for our Clients and Architects. Our commitment to planning, logistics, and scheduling even the smallest of details ensures our projects come in on time and within budget. Our staff is trained to look ahead to help avoid problems before they occur. We pride ourselves in trying to provide cost effective solutions to the obstacles encountered during design and construction of a project.

Work Region:

Tri-State resume includes New York City, Long Island and Eastern Pennsylvania.

About Our Principals

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Before Terry started his 45 year career in construction, he graduated from Baldwin Wallace College and then was drafted by NBA's Atlanta Hawks. After being released from the Atlanta Hawks, he played two years of basketball for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. He can be found in the Baldwin Wallace Hall of Fame.

A move to Buffalo NY followed and for the next 15 years Terry worked as an independent contractor in that market. In 1986 seeking a larger challenge, he moved to Metropolitan NY to work for a commercial general construction company located in Pearl River, NY.

In 1995, he became President of that company and under his leadership developed the business from one doing annual sales of $7 million to over $100 million in construction projects annually. During his tenure as President, Terry also opened satellite offices in New York City, Newark NJ and Boston, MA to expand their client base and seize new business opportunities. Terry is most proud of the diversity and complexity of the projects his team took on and successfully completed. Some notable ones were a $50 million Minor League Baseball stadium and United Airlines $100 million In-Line baggage system at Newark Airport. Woodbury Commons hired them to build the original mall project and then had them return to add more retail stores, a food court and a multi-level parking garage. The same was true for many of the customers at the airports, where they completed numerous projects at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark for Host Marriott and Port Authority. Another market segment that contributed to growth was healthcare. This segment can be quite complex, and his team completed numerous projects at hospitals in Rockland and Orange counties, as well as in the Bronx.

Capitalizing on his belief in the value of sharing “domain knowledge” Terry scheduled regular training meetings to share knowledge gleaned from years working in the field and running a successful business. This passion for knowledge sharing enabled him to take the inhouse training session one step further by authoring two text books entitled: Ultimate Construction Checklist Books 1 and 2. The first is designed to help Project Superintendents and Project Managers upgrade their academic construction skills. The second book is a reference for construction company owners to help them standardize and streamline their operations to ensure higher profitability. In 2013, he resigned as President to become partners with Jamie Fox and AllertonFox Construction was formed.


Jamie was born and raised in western New Jersey where he grew up on construction sites. His grandfather and uncles taught him the basics from an early age, learning the smallest of detail to the biggest. Construction just made sense to Jamie and he fell in love with the process early on. He had a vision that one day he would open his open construction company.

In 2000, he achieved his first step in that vision by attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College. This education coupled with his first hand experience landed him a position at Turner Construction stationed in Philadelphia and then New York City. Here he gained invaluable on site experience within complex markets.

After several years at Turner, he was looking to expand his knowledge base and decided to move to the general contracting firm Holt Construction which had offices in Pearl River, Manhattan, Newark and Boston. At Holt Construction, he was able to gain a bigger picture of the industry from preconstruction to closeout, procurement and contract negotiations. He grew from a Project Superintendent to their Director of Operations where he managed all New York City projects.

In 2014, Jamie was able to realize his dream of owning his own construction company partnering with Terry to establish AllertonFox Construction. He now brings 20 years industry experience across multiple disciplines. When Jamie isn’t doing construction for AllertonFox, he likes spending time with his two boys and wife in Ridgewood, NJ.

Core Values

  • Accept Responsibility
  • Continued Passion
  • Possess Perseverance
  • Be a Good Listener
  • Have Integrity
  • Search for what is Right NOT to be Right
  • Be Proactive
  • Maintain Respect
  • Seek to be Better
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