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With technology, experience, and professionalism rarely found in the market, AllertonFox Construction is the perfect partner.

Our Team is provided with ongoing education and training to keep us current and knowledgeable in our industry.

These programs allow us to standardize our processes and procedures, eliminating variability, and minimizing potential for errors. Depending on your needs, we can build your project open shop, prevailing wage, union, with PLA agreements, or any combination.  AllertonFox provides the attention to detail and level of service you deserve without labor restrictions.


We provide “added” services such as “one on one” meetings with the Principals and the ‘A’ Team in addition to the Industry’s Standard Services. These “added” services include proven supplemental general conditions, subcontract agreements that ensure better project controls, schedule completion, and detailed protection for our Clients and Architects. Our commitment to planning, logistics, and scheduling even the smallest of details ensures our projects come in on time and within budget. Our staff is trained to look ahead to help avoid problems before they occur. We pride ourselves in trying to provide cost effective solutions to the obstacles encountered during design and construction of a project.

AFC Core Values

Accept Responsibility

Continued Passion

Possess Perseverance

Be a Good Listener

Have Integrity

Search for what is Right NOT to be Right

Be Proactive

Maintain Respect

Seek to be Better

Work Region:

Tri-State Area including: New York City, Long Island and Eastern Pennsylvania.


Principles Stay Involved Throughout All Projects

Proven Subcontract Agreement that better Protects Clients

Unequalled Internal Controls

Mandatory Monthly Educational Training for All Employees

Rough Order of Magnitude Budgets to Facilitate Client Decisions

Historical Data with Market Trends

Over 60 Years of Experience with Principals Alone

Value Savings Concept & Preconstruction Services

No Labor Restrictions

About Our Principals



Terry has worked in the construction industry for over 45 years. After finishing college he was released by the Atlanta Hawks and was then fortunate enough to play basketball and travel both within and outside of the US, playing as a member of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Industrial League Team. At the end of this exciting time he went on to apprentice himself to various building trades learning general construction and knew being a general contractor was a career that he would stay in for the rest of his life. Terry owned a non-union construction company in the Buffalo market and when the economy took a downturn he decided to come to the "Big City" to work as a "Project Manager" in a family owned, union commercial contracting firm. Terry took over as President of that company in 1995 and was able to grow the business from one doing $7 Million in sales to one that has averaged over $200 Million for the past 5 years. The size, scope, complexity, and diversity of the projects the company undertook was amazing and lead to that firm being listed among the top 40 commercial contractors in NYC. Never one to shy away from a project during Terry's tenure, the company built projects ranging from a $100 Million Baggage Facility to a Minor League Baseball Stadium. A few examples of some notable projects include; In-line baggage center at Newark International Airport – $110,000,000 Retail and Food & Beverage construction at JFK, LaGuardia, MacArthur, and Newark Airports – in excess of $200,000,000 Retail stores, Bathrooms, and Parking Facilities at Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall in Central Valley, NY – in excess of $100,000,000 Distribution Center and Warehouse in the Bronx, NY – $70,000,000 Science Facility for an Institution in Newburgh NY – $50,000,000 College Dormitories for Various Institutions – over $80,000,000 Major renovations and build-outs at hospitals in Rockland County, Orange County, and in the Bronx – excess of $50,000,000 Office renovations for Tenants in NYC – in excess of $100,000,000 Minor League Baseball Stadium in Rockland County – $60,000,000 Adult Entertainment Club & Lounge in Atlantic City, NJ – $23,000,000 Terry's passion for the industry has never wavered. In 2012, he published two texts, Ultimate Construction Checklist - Book 1 and 2, which serve as a learning tool for those new to the construction world and for those looking to upgrade their skills, evaluate their business models, and put in place standardized practices to ensure profitability and sustainability. In late 2013, Terry felt it was time to change career paths and become partners with Jamie Fox to open AllertonFox Construction. Their NYC based commercial construction company is positioned to build both union and non-union affording them the flexibility for their customers' needs.



Jamie Fox was born and raised in western New Jersey out by the Delaware Water Gap, where he grew up on construction sites. His Grandfather and Uncles showed him what construction was from the smallest of detail to the biggest. What he saw and how it went all together just made sense to him so he fell in love with the construction business and knew from the start that one day he would open his own Construction Company. This began his journey... He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College because he knew this would help ensure he had the right education to accompany his hands on experience. Following college, he immediately took a position with Turner Construction in Philadelphia where he succeeded from the start. Always looking for more challenges, he asked Turner to be relocated to their NYC office where he worked for a number of years, gaining invaluable experience in that incredibly complex market. Again looking to expand his knowledge base, he took a position with Holt Construction because they could show him the "big picture", from Preconstruction to Closeout and Procurement to Contract Negotiations. While at Holt, he grew from a Project Superintendent to their Director of Operations where he managed all of the projects in NYC and the Boroughs. He truly enjoyed his experience, his colleagues, and his quality of life at Holt, but his dream of owning his own Construction Company remained steadfast so it was time to pursue his dream. He has worked in the New York City market for well over 12 years. He's done every project you can think of from Airports to Bus Stations, Law Firms to Lobbies, Boilers to Bathrooms, and Flagships to Restaurants. His strength is the seemingly unrealistic high-end, detail oriented, fast paced projects that most companies feel cannot be done in the timeframe the client requests. He excels in the logistically challenged, phased projects where there are many parties involved and every decision matters. Many clients he has worked with in the past insist on his involvement with new projects before they sign the contract! Be assured you will feel the same way and know that Jamie is intimately involved on every AllertonFox project.


From the moment you walk through our door you’ll feel an energy that is quite unique. There is something in the air that is both fun and exciting. Everyone brings a renewed energy and passion to our work place each day which helps makes our Team a family. People enjoy coming to work and doing what they can to make us better.


Fast track, high quality construction projects in challenging environments with stringent security sensitivities and multiple agency involvement.


Fast track, high quality construction projects in challenging environments with stringent security sensitivities and multiple agency involvement.



Construction, renovation, and repurposing of the campuses that educate the next generation.



Treating public entities like our private clients to avoid budget overruns and ensure successful projects.



Precise and safety first construction when sensitivities are many and issues arise not only due to the latent conditions that exist in many of these facilities, but also the unique complexities of building within a fully functional medical facility where patients are present.

Hospitality sm


Deadline driven, detail oriented construction projects within lounges, spas, and hotels.



Delivering highly finished, fast track projects, from lobbies to risers and bathrooms to law firms, with substantially phased and off hour work without disrupting tenants.

New Construction


Preconstruction intensive projects to overcome unknown subsurface conditions and random inspections while still coming in on time and within budget.



Intense coordination and detail oriented construction with the “Whatever it Takes” mentality from the onset.



High end, fast paced construction projects with the “There is No Tomorrow” attitude that’s required to meet the deadline.



Occupied renovations and facade upgrades without impacting the residents and guests.

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